Creative consulting by phone

Whether you are just beginning to shape certain ideas or have experience publishing books, it is extremely useful to consult a professional with criteria to question, evaluate and obtain feedback on new ideas. Although there is still not much elaborated material, or even if the concepts are still only sketches, a consultation in which you can obtain feedback with criteria can help to convert some intuition into basic material for the development of a product for the publishing industry. In the same conversation questions can be answered about this profession, be it about agents, publishers or the market, or about the language and structures of a certain sector of the target audience.


Prior to the telephone consultation, I can receive samples or material as a basis for the call so that I can make the most of the conversation time and concentrate on the ideas and questions. You could preview some short texts, synopses, descriptions, sketches ... with a reasonable extension. Discover the true potential of an idea with the help of professional feedback!

40,00 €

Text consulting for illustrated children's album

The illustrated children's album market has a great moment and many writers are looking for this type of literature, but getting the text to fit the parameters of this editorial category is not an easy task. This service offers advice for a manuscript oriented to an illustrated children's album.

The advice received includes services such as analysis of the script, characters, review of emotional aspects, the tone of the story, suggestions on the type of illustration that would enhance the message, etc. A writer of an illustrated children's book needs to communicate in a very particular way and it is also essential that ideas are powerful. There are too many authors trying to attract editors or agents, you have to know how to stand out!

180,00 €

Advice in art direction for illustrated children's album

In the case that a project already has illustrations, there is also the possibility of requesting artistic direction advice to work with illustrators, or with authors who are also illustrators, or with work teams. In this case the work combines both the advice for the script and the story as well as the visual and plastic treatment of the project.

This consultancy includes a review of the storyboard or the model, including the illustrations in any elaboration phase they are in (from sketches to illustrations). In the illustrated children's album market, aspects such as: tone, color, expressions, iconicity, technique, narrative development, cultural connotations, market, etc. must be taken into account. Only the projects that have a careful artistic direction manage to attract the attention of the art directors of the publishers!

180,00 €

Edition of the letter of presentation of a project

Publishers and agents receive hundreds of letters and emails every day, the time they spend on a message is usually an average of between 10 and 30 seconds ... If in that time you do not manage to attract attention in any way, they will not be bothered in looking at the attachments. Even if the product is very good, if the cover letter does not get hooked, it is very possible that the message is not considered again.

You have to have a very careful balance between the amount of information provided, the way to present it to generate interest, the market possibilities of the product, the trajectory of who (is) presenting it (n), the images (size, format, quantity , etc.), the tone in which we communicate, links, etc. An effective cover letter can mean the difference between getting a contract or accumulating in the inbox!

80,00 €