Picture book | published in Spanish by Apila Ediciones in September 2016 | APILA PRIMERA IMPRESION AWARD WINNER 2016 | Rights available here





The Witch is going out; she feels handsome—but how do the animals see her?


The Witch is on her way to meet the Ogre for a picnic. She comes across the Squirrel who advises her she will look prettier if she uses her magic to get rid of her hunchback. Then the Rabbit suggests the Witch fix her nose, which looks like a potato. Should she  change herself in these ways to become prettier?


Winner of the Apila First Edition prize in 2016 (Spanish edition) Pretty is an irreverent story, full of humor, about the overwhelming pressure to change appearance to fit today’s aspirational ideals in good looks and how easily we can lose ourselves by succumbing to it.


board book with cut-outs | published in Polish by Tatarak in May 2016 | Rights available here