Author and illustrator: Canizales

ISBN: 978-84-17028-14-5

Pages: 36

Size: 22 x 25cm

Cover: Hard cover

Target: 3+

Languages published: Spanish, Catalan, English

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SummaryThe new mansion in the city is looking for employees. Clement is a normal guy and he thinks that it will be easy for him to get a job there because all the other applicants seem very weird. But… appearances are deceitful. Who will get the job? A picture book that teaches us to value true identity and makes us think about what is weird and what is normal.



“Se necesitan empleados para la nueva mansión”.

Clemente es un tipo normal y piensa que le resultará fácil conseguir un trabajo porque todos aspirantes le parecen muy raros.

Pero… las apariencias engañan.

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