Author and illustrator: Canizales

Pages: 36

Size: 22 x 25cm

Cover: Hard cover

Target: 3+

Languages published: Spanish

Rights available here

SummaryPetra is small... but she dreams she is big. She asks the big animals how to be big, but they dismiss her as an insignificant stone. In the end, she discovers she was actually a seed! And now, when she grows big, the large animals seek her shelter, will Petra dismiss them? 


Hola, me llamo Petra y soy muy pequeña,tan pequeña que casi nadie se fija en mí.

Sin embargo, sueño con ser grande, muy grande,la más grande de todos.

Un álbum para entender que nunca debemos renunciar a nuestros sueños ni valorar a los demás por su apariencia.

We’d like to introduce you to Canizales, the author-illustrator behind our newest story “Grande”.

Canizales is a true master of children’s literature. In his work you’ll find engaging stories with bold and original messages that are brought to life with delightful illustrations.

Born and raised in Colombia, he migrated to the island of Mallorca in Spain on an illustration scholarship, and he has since been on non-stop mission to communicate big, important messages to small humans. “Sometimes people speak to kids as if they don’t totally ‘get it’. However, children perceive and understand things, even if they can’t yet talk about them.”

His stories address complex subjects that are part of modern life and are not often addressed in illustrated children’s books. Witches and ogres explore the social pressures to be prettier, Little Red Riding Hood learns about inclusivity and tolerance, a bear wrestles with consumerism, a boy feels the many aspects of migration, a little stone perseveres to achieve dreams that seem impossible to obtain; and tropes of classic fairy tales are turned on their heads to produce fresh new ideals.

Canizales has already been translated into ten languages and has been distributed by small and big publishers worldwide.

His award-winning work is of tremendous importance to children growing up today, and we are honored to be collaborating with him.

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