Author and illustrator: Canizales

ISBN: 978-8494874598 (Spanish)

Pages: 36

Cover: Hard cover

Target: 3+

Languages published: COMING SOON

Rights availabe here

SummaryA modern parable, Stepsister demolishes the outdated paradigm that girls should be valued solely for their beauty, their goal being to find prince charming.

The prince is looking for a consort. Immune to the fuss, the stepsister disdains beauty sessions and crystal slippers, and continues working on her scientific and humanistic project to create giant pumpkins; she is not interested in living the fairy tale fantasy of marrying the prince and living in the palace. In contrast, her sister struggles tenaciously to prove she is the most beautiful

and eligible young woman in the Kingdom. But the prince is unimpressed by the sophisticated glamor she projects, having eyes only for the stepsister’s creativity, ingenuity and intelligence. And when he asks the stepsister to be his consort, she asks him if he can rather appoint her the minister of industry and innovation.


Un cuento sorprendente y divertido que rompe conr lo que parece la clásica historia de un palacio con una princesa y su hermanastra, de un príncipe en busca de esposa o de unos zapatos de cristal… ¡Y con un final inesperado!


Un conte sorprenent i divertit que trenca amb el que sembla una historia clàssica d’un palau amb una princesa i la seva germanastra, d’un príncep que busca esposa o d’unes sabates de cristall… I amb un final inesperat!



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