Author and illustrator: Canizales

ISBN: 978-1935242352

Pages: 22

Board book

Target: 0+

Languages published: English, Spanish

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Summary:   Xxxx _What is it? _A chip? _Dog’s ears? _A princess shoe? And endless page-turning bringning amazement on every spread. The one shape die-cut all throughout the book changes in many things!!


Nada es lo que parece en este libro. Las orejas de un perro... ¿O una cara triste? O, ¿quizás una sonrisa? Muchas cosas que vemos parecen otras según cómo miremos, ¿no es así? Un libro para mirar dos veces, como mínimo.


Nothing is what it seems in this book. Two ears of the dog... or a sad face? Maybe a smile? Many things we see seem different depending on our view, doesn't it? A book to look twice.